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The Power Of Bio

The Power Of BIO

What is an Instagram bio?

Geographically, an Instagram bio sits beneath your profile picture and is used to describe the contents of your page.

This space includes:

  • A display name (aka the name field)
  • Page category
  • Pronouns
  • 150-character description
  • 5 external links
  • Contact information

And because your bio is often the first touch point for new visitors, it’s the perfect opportunity to communicate who you are, and what you offer, straight from the jump.

What makes a good bio for Instagram?

A good Instagram bio can mean the difference between a visitor hitting follow, or tapping away. And with only 150 characters to set the stage, the greats keep their bios short, sweet, and most importantly, informative.

When you’re dreaming up your bio, try asking yourself these questions — especially if you’re using Instagram for business:

  • What is your brand promise?
  • How about your brand personality: Funny? Serious? Informative? Playful?
  • What are your special skills?
  • Are you a local business? National? Global?
  • What makes your product or service unique?
  • What is the first thing you want people to do after they visit your profile?

To be effective, marketing materials, including Instagram bios, should have a clear and compelling call to action.

This can be directing visitors to a link or encouraging them to take a specific action, such as following your account or signing up for a newsletter.

If you want to build your Instagram following, simply asking visitors to follow you or share their photos with a branded hashtag can be an effective call to action.

8 Instagram Bio Ideas

Ready to learn what it takes to create a killer Instagram bio? Here are eight tactics to stand out from the crowd: 

1. Share Your Story: Like Charles Wright once sang, express yourself! Whether it’s a bulleted list or a few short lines, use this space to speak directly to your target audience and detail your story.

2. Include Targeted Keywords in the Name Field: Did you know that the name field in your Instagram bio is completely separate from your username?  

It’s a valuable (and rarely used!) SEO tactic to reach even more users as they search improving your visibility on the app. This could be your niche, the products you sell, or the city your business is located.

3. Use a Link in Bio Tool: Your Instagram bio allows 5 external links, so it’s important to be strategic about how you use it.

how to add links to your account?? (go to your profile on Instagram – edit profile – add links)

4. Add a Call-To-Action and Action Buttons: If you want to drive more engagement from your bio, all you have to do is ask!

Whichever CTA (or CTAs) you choose, remember to be clear and specific.

Depending on your account, you can include: Order food, Book now, Get quote, Reserve, or View shop.

5. Share Your Contact Information:  One of the best ways to do that is to switch to an Instagram business profile.

So lets you include your email address, phone number, and WhatsApp without sacrificing any precious character space.

Additionally, you can include a business or brand category that will appear underneath your name field — so people can know what you do.

6. Choose a Relevant Profile Picture: It might sound simple, using a headshot or logo helps followers instantly recognize your brand as they scroll Instagram.

7. Tag Related Accounts and Add Your Branded Hashtag: Major “hack” alert: profile usernames and hashtags included in your Instagram bio are clickable links.

Because it gives you the ability to promote sister brands, highlight your founder’s Instagram account, or drive traffic to a branded hashtag.

8. Use Instagram Stories Highlights: Instagram Stories highlights appear directly under your Instagram bio and play as a stand-alone story when someone taps on them.

They’re perfect for sharing valuable information about your brand, spotlighting your community, and showing your personality.

Conclusion, Your Instagram bio is a brief description that appears at the top of your profile, next to your profile picture. It should describe who you are and what you do in up to 150 characters, targeting your desired audience. A well-crafted bio can help you stand out and attract more followers!!

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